Instantly update static / config data in product without waiting on a deploy or App Store review. Keep data consistent across platforms. Let developers spend time on hard software problems—not copy / style tweaks.

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Use Cases

There are many use cases for Configly. Here, we highlight a few.

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Mobile Copy

It turns out the iOS app you just released has a typo. You are getting pressure from your PM to fix it, but that requires a code review, a branch cut, QA, and then of course an App Store review. With, you can make the fix in moments via the CMS-like web dashboard, skipping all of the annoyances. And if you want, the PM can make the changes herself, so you can focus on development work.

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Feature Toggle

You’re about to launch a new feature and want the rollout to be smooth. With Configly, you can gate the feature with a configurable boolean. You decide precisely when the feature goes live and can always disable it in moments if need be.

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Remote Configuration

You have parameters in your code that need to be adjusted based on system performance and usage patterns. Things like cache TTLs, logging thresholds, scheduled async job variables, boolean flags, and timeout values. With Configly, store these values in a single JSON object and skip a slow and costly deploy. Updates are quickly available on all servers.

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Internationalization / i18n

You want to internationalize your product but your strings are hard-coded in-app in English. With Configly, translators directly place translations in a CMS-like web dashboard. Pull the values down to all your apps with turnkey, lean, and optimized client libraries.

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Features & Pricing


  • High availability
  • Storage limit
  • Web CMSInfo
  • Support
  • Accounts / Permissions
  • Version History
  • Configurable TTL
  • Best-in-class Security
  • Privacy (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Preview Changes
  • Throughput cap


  • Included
  • 100 kB
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  • Not included
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  • Not included
  • 50 QPS
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Supported Technologies

We believe you should be able to use whatever stack you prefer and we're quickly adding support for more.

React React
Javascript JavaScript
Node.js Node.js
Ruby Ruby / Rails
Python Python

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Android Android
Go Go
Angular Angular
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