Your static data shouldn’t be hardcoded. Put it in Configly!

Every change to your app/backend systems shouldn’t be slowed down due to deploy or App Store approval processes. Data shouldn't be hardcoded. Developers should spend time on hard software problems—not copy / style tweaks.

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How Configly Works: An Example

    // Tony knows these variables should *not* be hardcoded!!!
    let BASE_COST_CENTS = 31337099i
    let TAG_LINE = “Fly like Iron Man”;
    let UPGRADES = [
      { id: “345A”, type: “Homing Laser”, cost_cents: 5000000 },
      { id: “42C”, type: “Hulkbuster Armor”, cost_cents: 2250000I'm a tooltip},

    function ProductCatalog() {
      render() {
        <strong>{TAG_LINE} for only 
        Add ons:
        {UPGRADES.forEach( ({id, type, cost_cents}) => {
          <input type=”checkbox” value={id}>{type} for
      This is for iOS
      This is for Android
      This is for JS
      This is for Node

Tony Stark decided to sell some custom Iron Man suits and built a store website.

He hadn’t heard of Configly. Note that he hardcoded some constants such as BASE_COST_CENTS, TAG_LINE, and UPGRADES.

Tony puts his constants in Configly via the web UI

Being a top-notch engineer, Tony reads Hacker News and learns about Configly. He signs up, adding his constants through the web interface, appropriately named the Configulator:

  // Tony knows these variables should *not* be hardcoded!!!
  let BASE_COST_CENTSI'm a tooltip :) = Configly.get(‘base_cost_cents’);
  let TAG_LINE = Configly.get(‘tag_line’)
  let UPGRADES = Configly.get(“upgrades”);
  // And the below code remains the same (expand) 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Tony's updates his client to fetch the data

Now Tony installs the Configly library on each his apps. Later, he does the same for iOS and Android.

The Configly library caches his data so he doesn't need to worry about added latency. The Configly service is also highly available and built for high throughput so Tony is pumped!

He now hands off ownership of updating these values to less technical Rhodey (who forgets how to code). Rhodey doesn't need to ask Tony for help when he wants to change the data. Tony can focus on building out his store's distributed locking mechanism.

Configly Pricing

Free tier members will always receive the listed features, even if our pricing changes


  • High availabilityInfo
  • Storage limit
  • Edit data on web
  • Support
  • Accounts / Permissions
  • Version History
  • Configurable TTL
  • Best in class Security
  • Privacy Compliance (GDPR, CCPA)
  • Preview Changes
  • Throughput cap


  • Included
  • 100kb
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Coming soon
  • Not included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Not included
  • 50QPS


  • Included
  • Unlimited
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Included
  • Coming soon
  • Generous

Supported Technologies

We believe you should be able to use whatever stack you prefer and we're quickly adding support for more.

React React
Javascript JavaScript
Node.js Node.JS

Comming soon

Ruby Ruby
Python Python
Android Android
Go Go
Angular Angular
Your language isn't supported? Let us know it should be next

Example Uses

There are many use cases for Configly. Here, we highlight a few.

Mobile Copy & Styling

Mobile Copy & Styling

Update the look and feel and content of your mobile apps instantaneously through our web app without waiting for a deploy. Let the business owners update the copy while developers focus on the hard technical problems.



Put copy and other data that the business cares about in Configly. Let the business owners update the copy and all of the various apps pull data from this one source. Any updates are automatically updated in near real time.



Store all your translated copy on Configly and let translators directly edit them. Translators and Product can update the copy without asking developers for help.

Feature flags

Feature Flags

Toggle on and off features via our web UI. Roll them out only to specific users to verify they work properly and slowly ramp traffic. Disable or revert features in real time if you discover bugs.

Emergency Response

Kill Switches and Emergency Response

Enable SREs to react instantaneously during an incident or attack -- tweaking timeouts or throttle rates; disabling features under attack; or blacklisting IPs. Ensure your business keeps running during hard times and minimize time spent woken during oncall.


Server Driven U

Update the look and feel of all your platforms in a single place without having to wait for the app store review process nor deploys. Make layout changes without having to write code.